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Abigail Rose Minor

Makeup artist. Hairstylist. Creative director. Project manager. Entrepreneur. On any given day, you’ll find Abigail Minor playing one of these roles, but most days she takes on at least two or three between breakfast and bedtime.


Officially, Abigail Minor is a hair and makeup artist based in Nashville, TN. Unofficially, she can fill just about any need that pops up on a film set, at a photoshoot, in a theatre or backstage at a runway show. Her diverse talents combined with her fearless work ethic and “Go team!” attitude have made her indispensable to many artists in the Nashville area, many of who have named her the “Behind the Scenes Queen” for her ability to hop between event management, hair, and makeup, and directing within minutes.


Abigail grew up with a creative spirit and took many different paths before finding her way to hair and makeup artistry, but she’s always felt admiration for the power of a skilled makeup designer. One of her earliest memories is of​ The Wizard of Oz,​ of being mesmerized by the transformative qualities of costuming and styling. Even now, her favorite projects are ones that are highly imaginative. “I love to lose myself in my work,” Abigail muses. “Soft glam and film are my specialties, but my favorite work to do is bold special effects and anything where I get to learn or try a new skill. I love fantasy and hyper-creative pieces like editorials and music videos where I really get to stretch myself.”


The common thread through all of Abigail’s projects is her hunger for a challenge. “Being creative and in the moment is my safe space,” she confesses. And this isn’t limited to her own artistic goals. While collaboration on a personal project is always fulfilling, executing other artists’ visions gives Abigail a special kind of energy and rush. “I love working with picky people and beating their expectations. I love working with high-profile clients and nailing it. As long as the client is satisfied, I’m happy.”


That attitude applies to models and performers as well. For Abigail, the makeup chair is a place for performers to be themselves. “My philosophy for my craft is to treat every individual with integrity and to make them feel like their best selves. It’s my art form, but it’s also about empowerment.” In this spirit, Abigail rarely wears makeup to work herself. “I want everyone to know that I love and celebrate myself exactly as I am and that I’m going to do the same for them,” she says. “Makeup should feel like a superpower, like adding to something that’s already complete. We all love the glam, but we’ve got to learn to love what’s underneath it.”


This philosophy extends past her makeup chair to casting and broader scale industry dynamics. Abigail’s long-term goal is to make her local industry more inclusive, equitable, and truly diverse. “I love to work with models who, for one reason or another, aren’t ‘industry standard,’” she says. All models--all sizes, ages, gender expressions, sexualities, races, and experience levels--are

not only welcome but encouraged in her projects. The focus should be on creative spirit and personality, Abigail believes, and not on what the industry as a whole feels is “standard.”

As soon as you meet Abigail, these beliefs become apparent. From little details like the music she listens to and her own personal style to professional choices like her interactions with models and the environment she cultivates on a shoot, her character is clear. Abigail is a champion for positivity, inclusivity, and kindness. She values every person she works with and works hard to make every project a positive experience for all involved.


Even her biggest, loftiest goals speak to this mission. “My dream is to own a makeup and skincare brand that is hypoallergenic and 100% cruelty-free,” she says. “I’d love to have a set of products that all interact well together and enhance one another. Right now, a majority of the brands that achieve that goal are not cruelty-free or hypoallergenic, so they’re not products I feel comfortable choosing.” She says that were she to achieve this goal, every detail would be vital. From the packaging to the products themselves to the people who make them, every choice should be ethical, sustainable, and kind.


Ultimately, Abigail’s artistic philosophy, no matter what role she’s playing, can be boiled down to this: ​Be authentically yourself.​ “I love being around people who know exactly what they want and how they want it done. I love it when I see artists believe in and love themselves as they are.”

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