Vision Statement

So what are we doing here? How did we get to this? Who’s in charge here? Why the hell are a group of humans adding more static to the already overwhelming media landscape?


Chaos and Convergence. That’s why. All of our lives have changed recently on so many different levels. Some of us have lost a lot - jobs, homes, even loved ones. It feels as though some of us are losing direction. While some are close to losing our damn minds. 


The chaos is ever-present, it isn’t just this year. Life IS Chaos.  A few of us forgot that and did our best to build bulwarks against it instead of bracing for the waves. Now, in the upheaval, people are shedding old skins to embrace a life closer to their best selves. The waves hit and the realization takes hold that they were the bulwark they were trying to build all along. Still, others try standing up to the flood only to be swept away. To us, these are stories worth telling.

We have decided to come together and spend some of our time writing about the world; to share our perspectives and try to connect.  We believe the writers we have assembled can do just that. These people have served your drinks, played your stages, made your clothes, and shopped at your business. 


This is our convergence - our response to the tide.

We hope that together we may demystify some of the complexities of the world and help the curious better themselves. Be it a tutorial on how to sew a shirt, studio tips from a great band, or a series breaking down how our political system works. We hope to be allies to the seekers, makers, and doers. We will strive to empower our readers to make decisions based on truth and context. 


We hope to build a platform to help raise up the talented people we see each day. The musician slinging drinks to pay for studio time, the young entrepreneur juggling responsibilities and chasing ever-shrinking rewards, the mom with two kids and a full-time job that pushes paint around a canvas on the weekends; every one that needs an audience but doesn’t know how to start. Let’s build it!


Together we hope to be the clear-eyed, yet breathless messengers, earnest and excited to sing praises, curious and wary of the words of those in power; patient enough to take the time to divine the underlying meaning of the events raging in our world every day. 


That's what the title arc|HIVE Nashville is to us.


The “arc” is the story trajectory - the “HIVE” is the community we serve - together we will catalog the stories and events that create the culture we live.

Everything else? Who knows. We have no idea how successful we will be, we guess it's up to you, the readers. But, our guts tell us we have invited the right storytellers to the campfire. We shall see.


My hope is to curate stories that are meaningful and valuable to you. But to be honest, this whole exercise is a selfish endeavor crafted to make me feel as though I am contributing to the community that I love.  I have played the stages, wiped the tables, and stocked the bars of many of these places we will highlight.


Similarly, I have bought the t-shirt, paid the cover, and carried the amp of many of the musicians.  The painter's paintings grace my walls and my heart is full of the poems and stories of these writers. 

My friends are my constituents and I aim to give them a platform in the hopes that it will help them on their journey. That has manifested in a culture magazine. Or is it an Essay Magazine? We will let you know when we do.

I apologize in advance for my insistence on the oxford comma, which I personally believe is indispensable to clear communication, and my propensity to lapse into British spelling. I blame the cache of old books my dad gave me when I was 10. (Sorry, Ms. Floyd, some battles go on forever.)

What I can't apologize for is earnestness. I believe irony and cynicism have taken the fun out of too many things.  It's silly, really. 

The arcHIVE Nashville is an opportunity for me to deploy some creative skills I have accumulated over the years and to share some viewpoints. I have no illusions about being important or worth listening to. If you find it meaningful you will keep coming back. If you don't, thanks for your time.