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Bridgette McAuliffe

Wine enthusiast turned obsessive, Bridgette is on a quest to educate herself in the world of wine, making it’s art, complexity, and history accessible to the average Joe. Fine wine doesn’t have to be for just the upper class who can afford a $200 of Burgundy Pinot Noir. She’s on a mission to find out what makes different wines so special, and educate her readers on how to find the best wines from around the world that fit into a more realistic price-point.


“I have pretty expensive taste when it comes to wine. My favorite wines to drink are reds that have complex tannins, earthy notes, and barnyard/mushroom/leathery aromas. That’s normally developed with age. But that doesn’t mean that younger wines are inferior. There are small production wineries in under-valued areas of the world that create something to blow your mind.


I am by no means a wine expert, but that’s what “Inside The Bottle” is all about. I’m on a quest to become a wine expert, learning how to taste and identify wines, pair them with your next dinner, and explore varietals that many casual, daily drinkers may not have heard of. Looking to stretch beyond just a Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon as the only red wines you know? Join me in trying some incredible Tempranillo and Nebbiolo wines. Want something different than a Sauvignon Blanc or White Blend? Travel to Italy for an Arneis or sip on a really floral Bordeaux Blanc.


This journey will chronicle the story of how the wine you love, and the new wines you’ll try, got “Inside The Bottle.” I’m exploring winemaking techniques, the history of winemaking, wine regions of the world, and proper tasting and pairing. Grab a bottle and listen to me ramble when I get two glasses in on why I adore French wines. Hopefully, you will discover something new that you love.”

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