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Jaime Miller

Jaime Miller is the pastry chef at Lockeland Table, an East Nashville neighborhood restaurant. 


She has devoted her life to the hospitality industry. For almost 26 years, She has played some role in feeding people or making them cocktails. Jaime has won several cocktail & food competitions, and 2 best Nashville bartender accolades, but her real pride lies in her ability to connect people through food and spirits (or non-alcoholic crafted libations). 


Jaime spent a few years attending Watkins College of Art and Design for film production and has worked on several sets here in Nashville, Kentucky, and LA. Her film experience led to a two-year stint out on the road with CMT in their special promotions sector, traveling coast to coast spreading the joy (or pain, depending on how you look at it) of new alternative country music. Ultimately, she came back to where her heart called - the hospitality industry.


Jaime is the creator of Beyond Measure, a private virtual cocktail school, resource, and overall conversation starter involving all things spirits related. She hopes for it to evolve into a food and beverage resource for classes, videos, and recipes. 


Aside from cooking and mixing drinks, Jaime loves spending time with her 2-year-old son, Ocean, and the rest of her family; Ezra, 14, Arlo, the orange and white cat, and her partner of 10 years, Matt. She also loves to travel, specifically to tropical destinations where she can feel some sand between her toes.

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