• Kat Smo

Kat Wants Your Hair: Money Piece

Kat Smo teaches us a little hair stylist language.

Yes, girl! We are talking about the coveted money piece today. Say it with me. Money piece! It’s so fun to say. It’s sexy, provocative, powerful.

But what the hell is it?

The term money piece popped on the scene a few years ago, and started out as stylist-only jargon. “Money piece” originally was for describing general brightness around the face, and it’s called that because It’s the first thing a client sees and usually the make-or-break moment. Extra design and care comes in to play here with the ol’ money piece.

Over time, the money piece has taken on a strong personality of its own. It’s now a true statement piece, and there are many variations and degrees of the money piece. You may have noticed the 90’s are back, and with it are those big blond chunks right in the front. That’s a money piece. That perfect subtle-yet-bold pop of honey blonde on Melania Trump: money piece. Now you’re getting it!

The cool thing about the money piece is it’s not just the grand finale of a great set of highlights or balayage, it can be a quick and effective way to update a whole look on its own.

The money piece is universally flattering and quite modern, so go for it! As a professional, you have my blessing.


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