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Leigh Likes Music: It was all Vibes or Welcome, 2021.

Leigh Nash talks about what she looks forward to and why in 2021.

I cannot recall a more anticipated turn of a calendar year. Maybe Y2K? This feels heavier and laden with so much awe mixed with hope. Hope for less division, and a word I first learned from the high school choir, UNISON. I love our differences, they make the world go round, but when we use them against each other, we all lose BIG.

I am so thrilled to see a movement among venues, promoters, and musicians to recover and discover new ways to spread good love, good music, the GOOD GOOD GOOD. (I’m hearing my favorite Morphine song “Buena” in my head, soundtrack to this article). I want to believe our time “underground” has led to innovation, new-found courage to live life to the fullest, and create where it used to feel like something to do later. Do it now. NOW. Presence, harmony, togetherness, and gratefulness are the words ingrained in me after this “upside down and underground’ passage of time. Some people showed their asses, some showed their grit, heart, grace, and strength. I’m sure a lot of us showed both.

There was a time in Nashville, per my recollection it was around 2007, when artists were supporting each other by going to each other’s shows. My good friend Ethan Opelt started something called Movement Nashville. It was to lift up and showcase bands that weren’t necessarily Country. Give Nashville it’s due for all the music it has inspired. In my mind, what it did was foster a community of artists that truly supported each other’s art. That is something I’d love to see again. Among all artists, Country, Rock, Death Metal (might skip that show, but send flowers/whiskey), it’d be such a feat, after a year like we’ve had, to take that spirit that I know still exists and look out into the crowd and see our peers, along with fans, cheering us on. I’m pretty sure after a year like 2020, we’re thirsty for that. May common ground be something we find in the lights at venues all over the city again. I SO look forward to going to shows and writing about them here.

I had an experience in Ankara, Turkey about 10 years ago. My band had a really early flight to catch the next morning, but after our show, I knew I wouldn’t sleep. Our hosts invited me to see a show with them, they told me the artist was a young, Turkish version of Leonard Cohen. They had me at “young Turkish version of Leonard Cohen”.

I set out with these new Turkish friends and stepped into a club where the lights were low, and there stood a beautiful dark-haired boy, lit all in blue, and a packed crowd, standing utterly silent as he crooned into the microphone. It was the coolest show I’d ever seen. I guess it was because I had no sense at all of what was being sung or quietly whispered all around me. It was all vibes. The crowd gently swaying, in unison, listening to every syllable falling off his lips.

When all is back to ‘normal’, I want to feel that again. Stand in the audience, close my eyes, and feel the music. Listening and hearing are two different things. I want to hear and feel it all. See you out there.



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