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Model Highlight: Alannah Moore

Abigail Rose Minor details styling the incomparable Alannah Moore

Some people just have it: an unforced charm and electric personality matched with a natural talent that draws you in instantly. The photographer and our mutual friend Doug LittleJohn had warned me before I arrived, but I still wasn’t fully prepared. From the moment I met Miss Alannah Moore on the set of the shoot for the cover of her single “Good Bad Boys” in 2019, I could tell she was a star. With a style that plays off inspiration from the iconic Dolly Parton with gorgeous silhouettes, she could make almost anyone quit their 9 to 5 to go camp out on Broadway waiting for her next gig.

Shoot day started with the usual morning ritual of gathering my kit-full of glam goodies and consuming enough caffeine to make a turtle run like a turbo-charged Challenger before beginning my beautiful drive to Hopkinsville, KY.

For Alannah’s session, Doug had booked Copper Canyon, an Old West-style “ghost town” less than ninety minutes from downtown Nashville. The second I stepped out of my car I was greeted by rolling hills, blue skies, and a miniature horse named Snowflake (along with several other adorable animals) with the town feeling like a secret portal to a different era.

As soon as we arrived, it was time to get set up in the trailer to begin the glam process and get Alannah camera-ready. Our plan for the day was to shoot several different outfits all over the town, so Alannah could have her pick of the pics. While we were chatting, Alannah talked about her love of Dolly and butterflies, and I immediately offered to let her check out some of the outfits I like to keep with me for situations like this. Being a “Behind-the-Scenes Queen,” I always want to be prepared to cover any aspect the job may require, which can often include wardrobe stylist.

I am constantly carrying pieces from local designers and boutiques to help any of my clients that may be looking for that special piece they can’t find in traditional department stores. Luckily, one of the outfits I had in the Glam Van that day was a one-of-a-kind Haute Couture Butterfly Corset by Costumes Couture that was a perfect fit for Alannah! She ended up loving the piece so much that she wound up making it hers rather than let it flutter away, and it’s now a staple in her artist wardrobe.

Fast-forward to 2020. While the entire world and entertainment industry may look different than anyone could have ever predicted, I’m happy to say that Alannah and I have been able to keep up with one another. Between her incredible taste in fashion and memorable songs, I’m definitely among her biggest fans. I’ve always loved seeing strong, talented women thrive in the music business, and watching how Alannah has continued to grow during these chaotic times inspires me consistently. Despite having live performances grind to a halt, she’s managed to find ways to continue to create and express her vision.

Using extreme Covid-19 precautions and following health guidelines, we were able to travel back to Copper Canyon and shoot the video for her single “Good Bad Boys,” which is currently available to stream on your preferred platform as well as on YouTube. This time around Alannah asked me to not only do her makeup but also style her from head to toe!

After our success before with the butterfly corset, I decided this time to put her in a full Costumes Couture ensemble. We started planning a two months before the shoot to make sure the outfit was perfectly tailored to the video, and, after multiple fittings, we were able to nail down the most dazzling look. It was a get-up out of a dream that consisted of white, custom fringe pants, a crystal top, and a sequin jacket, completely hand-made out of fabrics sourced in NYC, that was the perfect nod to Dolly while still keeping a more modern edge. Alannah’s performance in the video that day ended up being just as stunning as her outfit, managing to even ride a horse in 6-inch platforms!

Since shooting the video, Alannah and I have been able to continue working together as she’s been modeling for me consistently in shoots with Schelton Photography, killing every look we’ve given her. Watching her progression and continued growth since we’ve first met has been a delight.

Alannah has always been a model of kindness with a stunning passion for her craft and a classic voice fitting of a country music queen on Broadway, and I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for her and the music she brings to the world.

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