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Model Highlight: Samantha Tall

Abigail Minor writes about working with the talented Samantha Tall

What do a doctor and a model have in common? They both know a thing about quality stitches for one. Both are also fields with a serious future for today’s focus, Samantha Tall. From the MCATs to catwalks, it seems like there’s nothing Samantha can’t accomplish. She should add juggling to her resume for the way she somehow manages to work a social life between shoots, shows, and studying. There are few people who could wear all these hats and make them as stylish as Samantha does while staying so humble and determined.

Signed to Tribe Talent, Samantha has become THE rising star of the Nashville modeling scene. She’s not only walked the runway in shows for RAW, Mundane, and Costumes & Couture, but has also graced the pages of a number of other publications, with a few personal favorites being Picton Magazine and 7Hues, and her sights set to one day cover Vogue. She’s able to somehow balance that with studying to become an MD at one of the premier Nashville medical colleges with the goal of becoming an emergency medical physician. While being both a medical student and a model come with their own unique sets of challenges, she says the biggest one might be “convincing myself that I am capable and talented enough to do both. I face a lot of imposter syndrome with medicine and modeling.”

Samantha and I first met a few years ago while I was working as a makeup artist on a shoot she was doing, and I quickly fell in love with her indomitable spirit, talent, and positive attitude. Throughout our work together, Samantha has transformed into many different characters, ranging from an avant-garde owl for my absolute favorite haute couture designer Costumes and Couture to a flowery, experimental makeup for my personal brand BB Rose. While I could spend an entire article talking solely about the looks we’ve done together and the adoration I have for them, one story in particular that sticks out in my mind is from my most recent shoot working with Samantha in collaboration with photographer Veronica Williams and Sojourn Sisters Studios, a Nashville-based brand by way of NYC from designer Savanna Goble.

I don’t know if it was the extra-large cup of coffee I had that morning or just the sheer excitement I had for that day’s shoot, but, even with the six AM call time, I felt absolutely energized by the time I arrived at the first location. You could tell I was beaming — even with my mask on. There’s just something about shooting with fabulous women that puts me in such an incredible mood that can’t be brought down.

After talking about how to style the shoot (through a wonderfully collaborative process), we decided to pair the fashion with a euphoria-themed makeup look, which allowed some time for Samantha and me to catch up and for her to fill me on some of the adventures she’d been having between modeling and medical school. We focused on the skin that was paired with a killer highlight, pink cat eye, and three tiny (yet terrific) Swarovski crystals underneath the winged liner that all came together for this absolutely dreamy result. We used curl serums in her hair along with oil to maintain the integrity of the curls while bringing out a beautiful shine to her naturally gorgeous hair. The makeup and hair ended up meshing up so perfectly with all of the garments Sojourn Sisters Studios had picked out that we were able to use the same look for the entire shoot!

We started with this jaw-dropping pink chiffon look paired with handmade lingerie, the tallest of heels you can imagine, and a matching ruffle jacket. By the time the first look was ready to go, Veronica had the entire studio in place with a set-piece from East Nashville Disco Balls (one guess as to what it was) and incredible natural lighting and was all ready to go with her camera to capture the resulting alluring, hazy daydream we had created.

For the next look, we moved to the roof of a high rise with an absolutely unmatched view of the downtown Nashville skyline that really made the glam look pop. Samantha was dressed in a cream, sheer A-line dress by Sojourn Sisters paired with white knee-high boots and a lace kimono. This baby-doll style dress is classic, sexy, and will most definitely catch the eye of whoever may be so lucky as to see the wearer in it. This is the kind of look that felt like it would be perfect for a special event or performance, and Samantha once again played it.

It was once again time for another outfit and location change to a secret location in the countryside around Nashville, and I was even more excited than I had been at the start after seeing the magic we had created so far. Samantha started out at this location modeling a black lace kimono with a matching top and bikini-style bottom with the most perfect crisscrossing cut-outs in the front. I will never understand how she managed it, but Samantha was able to even look elegant and gorgeous while posing in the woods on a tree. These shots ended up with such a beautiful wildness about them. She then changed into a flowing, white ruffle coat that had a train - A TRAIN! - with a matching two-piece look underneath, a gray wide-brimmed hat, and white knee-high boots in a look that dropped my jaw so hard that I was worried it might shatter. This is the kind of fashion look I dream about creating, and Samantha was absolutely angelic and perfectly powerful in this look, putting the perfect cap on our productive day of shooting.

The final look of the day made me think of something Samantha said to me: “My vision statement, as cheesy as it sounds, is to ‘stand tall in the face of adversity in every facet that one strives for.’ I grew up poor and as a female, and I want people to know that anything is possible through hard work and faith in God. I hope to really show people that women, especially models, cannot be objectified and that we can have multiple successful careers.” With such inspiring focus, incredible talent, and a soul as beautiful as she is, I cannot wait to continue to work with Samantha and see where she’s able to go, from the OR to the cover of Vogue (or both).

Photography— Veronica Williams @vrontoday

Model— Samantha Tall @5am7all

Designer—Sojourn Sisters Studio @sojournsistersstudio

HMUA— Abigail Minor @ARMMUA

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