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Ruckus & Romeo Design: 2021 Home Trends

Amy Wright gambles on house trends for 2021...

Up until now, we've obsessed over the newest style trends, but this year has proven trends that are nodding to functionality as the primary investment. In this moment, I will put away how I've gone about dreaming up houses for just a breath. We've needed some emotional words in our homes in 2020, such as comfort and self-care to pull us through being home non-stop for an entire year. These words have buddied up with other strong words, such as quality and security, along with grownup decisions to financially embrace what is reshaping the reasons for our living space. It might not all be about the brands, the luxury or the fresh color of the year. Another enlightenment of the pandemic is simply a new appreciation for the roof over our heads.


Before I get into the functionality trends of homes, I do think we are going to see a lot of beautifully paired and non-typical colors (especially bright AND muted tones in the same room), with items and materials that are all about nature. Modern styles will find it absolute to include the natural wood staple somewhere or the wood grain walls. We will see more grounding natural accents that do exactly that. GROUND US.

Home Office

First a tornado and then a world in chaos has changed the employment status of countless humans. Because of this, I’ve seen many friends and others across the country who are creating businesses from home. What does this tell me?

1. A home office is crucial these days. How many people have found the value of working remotely, but need an intentional space? How many companies realize that they don’t need buildings to move ahead?

2. You’ve got to have meetings, photos and other media, so an organized area in the home needs to exist for those virtual meetings or money shots (if you’re taking your own photos).

Functional Outdoor Living Area

Baby, it's cold outside. However, this past summer, we needed to get out and still be home, which thrusted determination in the budget for a more vibey living space. We all became dreamers of hot tubs and plans for a pool. We curiously called around to different pool businesses and found the standard wait for a crew to get a pool set is about a year out. REALLY?! Backyard parties have become the venue for close friends and families to gather. Big outdoor tables, fire pits and friends wanting to follow wedding cues from the movie Father Of The Bride. During the colder months, who doesn't want a 4 seasons room upgrade from the patio, since we learned to trade in our vacations for “staycations” or camping.

We’ve got some good friends at JVI Secret Garden in Donelson. They create landscapes, build magical water features and ponds that feel as though they’ve been there forever. In the winter, they’ve got the best Christmas tree lot! Hot chocolate, photos with your tree, a little fire pit. They even give each tree a name! My tree was Jamie this year. It’s truly a charming experience. This was their busiest year! I was thrilled to hear this for them.

Garage with Savvy Storage

Many of us are now outdoor pioneers. This year has indulged the kayakers, campers, canoers, hammock-ers (sure why not?) and all around athletes within. Now we make a plan with shelves, hooks, bike racks, storage bins, and the beat goes on! Don’t forget that you want room for your vehicle in there too. My dad would have his garage so thick of nick nacks, we didn’t even know that he had a motorcycle buried under it all. (I don’t recommend this.)

More Rooms, Less Open-Concept & Potentially Income Producing

Most of our house renovations, until now, are very open floor plans. The house of the moment isn't. Why not? We realized that part of growing our business is changing with the times. Many people lost their jobs this year. There's a need for renting by the room, having shared spaces and a common area. Having a property that has potential income producing opportunities is the golden goose! This is the 3rd house that we've created with a separate entrance under the same roof. The value is off the charts! Airbnb or long term renters. A bit more fool-proof for those who want to make sense toward a more affordable living.

Final Trend Tip

Only you know how you want to live. Take on what makes sense and resonates for YOU. My only suggestion is to find balance “living in the now” and “living in the future.” Please tag us on your 2021 house project! We want to see what you’re doing. #ruckusandromeodesign #archiveinspired

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