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Top 3 Ramen Joints in Nashville

We searched for more than just 3 places that make Ramen in Nashville but there just aren’t that many that do it. Yes, there are places like The Treehouse that have served Ramen but it isn’t a specialty. Also, many places serve Udon or Pho, and while they are similar to Ramen, they ain’t Ramen. Finally, some places did indeed have a bowl or two of this magical hangover cure on their menus but we wanted to focus on places that have a wider selection.

So this is what you get. But we’ll be honest, this is a pretty good selection. If we have left a place out let us know and we will go check it out!

Black Dynasty Secret Ramen House

Black Dynasty Secret Ramen House started out of a house on the east side making five courses for 10 people, it turned into restaurant takeovers with 300 people waiting in line in 25-degree weather, now they are at BAR SOVEREIGN TUE-SUN 5 pm-10 pm

They make EVERYTHING in-house, fresh noodles, tare, broths, toppings, oils. They also infuse their creations with a bit of southern magic.

Located in: Bar Sovereign

Dine in: Yes. Take out: Yes. Delivery: No

Address: 514 Rep. John Lewis Way S, Nashville, TN 37203

Menu: toasttab.com

Order: blackdynastyramen.com

Phone: (615) 953-7670

Otaku Ramen

Launched in 2009 by Tennessee Native, Chef Sarah Gavigan, Otaku Ramen has expanded to 3 locations in Music City. With locations in West Nashville, East Nashville, and the Gulch, Otaku Ramen is a pretty close drive to most of the city.

"My greatest passion in life is food. I have never taken a trip or vacation that did not revolve around food and bad meal can ruin my day. Conversely, a great meal can right almost any wrong in my book."

- Chef Sarah Gavigan

They have a pretty rad app that lets you order directly from them. Also, they sell ramen kits!

Dine in: Yes. Take out: Yes. Delivery: Yes

Address: 604 Gallatin Ave #203, Nashville, TN 37206

Menu: otakuramen.com

Order: otakuramen.com, postmates.com

Phone: (615) 454-5713

Two Ten Jack

Two Ten Jack is a Japanese-inspired neighborhood pub, or izakaya, featuring kodawari ramen, yakitori (skewers & grilled items), and other Japanese-inspired pub comfort food that incorporates local, Southern ingredients. The beverage selection features craft beers, wine, handcrafted cocktails, sake and shochu. Located in Walden’s Phase 2 in East Nashville (next to Jeni’s), Two Ten Jack offers an unpretentious and comfortable environment – the true izakaya experience – as an urban gathering spot for the community where local and Japanese culture can come together.

Dine in: Yes. Take out: Yes. Delivery: No

Address: 1900 Eastland Ave #105, Nashville, TN 37206

Menu: twotenjack.com

Reservations: resy.com

Phone: (615) 454-2731

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